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Memorial's Roof Restoration

You can extend the life of your roof, prevent expensive repairs or replacement and bring new life to your residential or commercial property with expert roof restoration.

In Memorial, Texas, Elevation Roofing & Restoration provides professional roof restoration that improves both the look and longevity of your roof, including:

SOFTWASH Restoration

Softwash cleaning is an ideal solution for sloped roofing systems, including shingle, tile, slate and more because it’s not only effective, it’s eco-friendly and doesn’t damage yards or flowers. This low pressure wash system removes mold and dirt that builds up on roofs, leaving a clean, refreshed surface behind, taking years off of any residential or commercial property in Memorial.

We also offer softwash services for siding, brick, concrete and other exterior surfaces.

METAL ROOF Restoration Process

Roofing technology is always advancing and Elevation Roofing & Restoration offers the most effective, advanced products and techniques. For metal roofing systems, our certified and insured roofing technicians identify issues and provide accurate estimates for resealing gaps, cracks and crevices to eliminate and prevent roof leaks, utilizing modern protective metal roof coatings that extend metal roof lifespans.

In the case of extreme corrosion or metal roof deterioration, Elevation Roofing & Restoration can expertly customize fittings and quality aluminum roof coverings that fit over the existing metal roof, avoiding expensive teardown.

Quickly, efficiently and done right the first time, our metal roof restoration services are cost-effective and customer approved, including:

  • Metal Roof Consultation and Inspection
  • Metal Roof Repair Diagnostics
  • Metal Roof Leak Repair
  • Flashing Roof Repairs
  • Roofing Sealant Repairs
  • Metal Roof Waterproofing
  • Spray Foam Coating for Metal Roofing
  • Metal Roof Cleaning
  • Gutter and Eavestrough Repairs
  • Roof Ice and Water Damage Repair
  • Roof Vent Replacement


For roofs that are in good overall condition and don’t require major repairs, roof restoration offers major benefits for residential and commercial properties in Memorial, Texas.

Cost-Effective and Energy Efficient

Roof restoration often prevents complete roof replacement and may even delay repairs, extending the lifespan of the roof. For metal roof restoration, the protective sealing technology also lowers heating and cooling costs as small cracks, holes and leaks are fixed.

Long-Lasting Durability

Count on your metal roof restoration to last and last. Elevation Roofing & Restoration’s prefabricated waterproof metal roof restoration system brings serious performance and durability, no matter the weather.

Improved Structural Safety

Especially important during severe weather in Memorial, our metal roof restoration protects the structural integrity of residential and commercial properties.

Increased Property Values & Curb Appeal

An old, weathered metal roof detracts from property value and curb appeal. By improving a roof through cost-effective restoration, you can give your roof a noticeable facelift.

Focused on customer service and quality, Elevation Roofing & Restoration roofers are fully certified, trained, bonded and insured

To schedule a free inspection of your roof and get an accurate estimate for roof restoration in Memorial, Texas, contact our team today or call (888) 883-7663.


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We take our client service and quality seriously, which is why our team consists of highly-trained, experienced and knowledgeable roof inspectors and restoration experts who know how to provide both a great experience and perfectly repaired roof.

Homeowners in Memorial, Texas have trusted us with their homes due to our decades of combined experience.

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