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Memorial's Roof Repairs

The roofs of residential and commercial property in Memorial, Texas take a beating.

In addition to wind, rain, snow, sleet and strong sun, your roof experiences natural aging that can lead to leaks, energy inefficiency and issues that, if not addressed promptly, can lead to major expenses and emergencies.

That’s why Elevation Roofing & Restoration offers professional, trained experts who can inspect your roof for damage, provide an accurate estimate and lead the full repair process of your roof, even handling insurance claims when necessary.

CERTIFIED Roof Inspections

Our team of roofing experts are trained to know what to look for in residential and commercial property roofs in Memorial, Texas, identifying damage in roof decks, shingles, soffits, flashing, gutters, eaves, troughs, siding, nails, caulking and more—for any roof type.

If your roof is more than 15 years old, showing signs of leakage or damage or you simply want peace of mind, contact our team for a no-cost roof inspection.

ROOF REPAIR Warning Signs

Does your roof have any telltale signs it’s in need of repair? Look for the following red flags—and call our team for a no-cost inspection if you see or suspect them:

  • Shingles curling or buckling, which can lead to water infiltration and moisture problems
  • Shingle granules in gutters, which can deteriorate and lead to decay of the roof deck
  • Cracking or loosening material around chimneys or pipes, which can leak
  • Soft or springy texture in the roof valley, a sign of rotting wood from moisture damage
  • Dark streaks on the roof material, including metal, tile, slate and other roofing types, a sign of algae that requires professional roof cleaning

With diverse roof repair services, our team can come to your residential or commercial property in Memorial, Texas to inspect and repair any damage, bringing you peace of mind and a secure roof.

ROOF REPAIRSpecialists

Roof damage on your home or business may not be immediately visible, like a missing shingle or dried out caulking. Instead, damage can hide beneath the surface or be a symptom of other issues like poor ventilation or insulation.

Elevation Roofing & Restoration provides in-depth, thorough roof inspection and restoration services, preventing frequent repairs or replacement and improving both the function and looks of your roof, specializing in:

  • Roof Repair (TPO, PVC, Mod Bit)
  • Gutter and Eavestrough Repair
  • Roof Deck Repair
  • Roof Flashing Repair
  • Roof Replacement
  • Roof Shingle Repair
  • Skylight Repair
  • Animal Damage Roof Repair
  • Seasonal Roofing Repairs
  • A Full Range of Roofing Solutions

THE MOST COMMON Problems in Memorial, Texas

Each home or commercial property is unique, which means each one can have unique roof problems. However, from years of experience, these are the issues we most often see in roofs in Memorial and the surrounding areas:

Leaking Piping

If you have water stains on walls or ceilings, especially in a bathroom, it’s often a signal that a pipe flange is leaking and requires immediate attention.

Leaking Chimney

If you notice watermarks near the chimney, the flashing around the chimney is overdue for repairs and must be sealed to be made watertight.

Interior leaks

Noticing discoloration or damp spots where the roof and wall meet typically suggests a problem with the base flashings, which requires the removal and replacement of the flashing.

Leaky Skylights

Older skylights are prone to leaking and may need to be replaced entirely while newer models may require simple repairs.

These problems may not be immediately obvious, which is why consulting with a roofing specialist is always a wise choice.

To get a free inspection of your home or commercial property and an accurate estimate for roof repair in Memorial, Texas, contact our team today or call (888) 883-7663.


Elevation Roofing & Restoration, LLC

We take our client service and quality seriously, which is why our team consists of highly-trained, experienced and knowledgeable roof inspectors and restoration experts who know how to provide both a great experience and perfectly repaired roof.

Homeowners in Memorial, Texas have trusted us with their homes due to our decades of combined experience.

To get a free inspection of your home or roof, contact our team today or call (888) 883-7663.